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The theory of evolution hypothesizes that quadrupeds (four-footed life forms) evolved from fish. But in fact, this claim is inconsistent, both physiologically and anatomically, and has no basis in the fossil record. If water-dwelling creatures acquired characteristics appropriate to dry land, which evolutionists supposed happened by chance, it would give no advantage to these marine animals. There is thus no logical basis for suggesting that legs came about by way of natural selection.

On the contrary, any living thing undergoing “pre-adaptation” should be eliminated by way of natural selection, because the more characteristics it develops that are appropriate to dry land, the more disadvantaged it will be in water. In short, the scenario of transition from sea to land is totally self-contradictory. Evolutionist biologists have no consistent fossil records they can point to on this matter.

Evolutionists generally regard fish belonging to the class Rhipidistian or Cœlacanth as the ancestors of quadrupeds. These fish belong to the group Crossopterygian. Their only features that inspire hope in evolutionists are their fins, being fleshier than those of other fish. However, these fish are not intermediate forms at all, and between them and amphibians there exist enormous fundamental anatomical and physiological differences. Despite all the research that has been conducted, not a single fossil has ever been found to fill this gap. (SOURCE)

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