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Gene Frequency

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Gene Frequency

Every population—every community consisting of living members of the same species, spread over a specific area—has its own particular genetic structure. This genetic structure is determined by the population’s genotype (or individual genetic structure) and gene frequency.

Gene frequency means the percentage of the gene concerned with a specific feature of a living thing in the gene pool (a population’s genetic structure) in the total genes. In pea populations, for example, there are two genes for straight and for bent pod characters. The percentage of straight-pod genes in the overall total number gives the straight-pod gene frequency.

One gene frequency being higher than another means that the gene in question is found more frequently in the gene pool and therefore plays a more dominant role in any genetic variation. Evolutionists, however, seek to depict greater variation within a species as evidence for their theories. But in fact, that variation constitutes no evidence for evolution, because variation is only the product of different combinations of existing genetic information. Variation cannot endow genetic information with any new characteristic.

Populations do not exhibit homogeneous distribution with regard to gene frequency. Within them, there will be small groups whose members resemble one another more closely than others. Such groups may be separated from one another for a time through geographic isolation, but gene transmission between them is not interrupted.

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